Microsoft Excel Consultancy

Modernizing Excel for enterprise scale.

Unleash a new era of custom Excel transformations that connect and govern effortlessly.

Executive Summary

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Frequently Asked Questions

To leverage its strengths—flexibility and a massive talent pool—and to match today's connected and governed enterprise standards.

Excel boasts a billion active licenses. It's the world's most ubiquitous business app due to its unparalleled capacity to solve for unique business requirements. A vast talent pool of Excel professionals in every industry worldwide can build solutions quickly.

However, Excel solutions don't natively scale. They present significant challenges past one or two users. Despite this, Excel is prevalent across all sectors, underscoring the necessity for a nimble tool with a low cost of engineering.

Acknowledging this shortcoming, the solution becomes clear: to introduce connectivity, governance, and automation. Custom Excel add-ins and workbooks can sync with external sources, restrict interactions where necessary, and grant the familiar flexibility which users depend on.

Excel is transformed into a thriving enterprise-ready platform with additions such as:

  • User authentication
  • Automatic updates
  • Data centralization (not in-workbook)
  • Cloud integrations
  • Modern web technologies

Team morale.

Venturing into the development of custom software solutions derails your team from their primary responsibilities. Side projects done in-house are often viewed through a narrow lens, missing broader implications. Stretching resources thin risks long-term "almost done" scenarios.

Bringing in an experienced consultancy cuts through the complexity and delivers:

  • Solutions designed with a comprehensive understanding of your business.
  • Dedicated, focused human capital.
  • Timely, complete solutions, sidestepping the perpetual "work-in-progress" trap.
  • Continuity which persists throughout internal changes.

We charge "time and materials" only.

Our smallest bespoke solutions cost ~$5k; the largest cost $200k+, and median projects cost near $35k.

Yes, that's the whole idea. All apps can and should "talk" to each other.

Our bespoke solutions commonly employ two-way integrations with internal customer databases, SalesForce, QBO,, DocuSign, and many others.