Microsoft Excel Consultancy

Scalable, connected, and governable custom Excel solutions.

Executive Summary

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Frequently Asked Questions

To supercharge Excel's DIY versatility with enterprise-grade capabilities and control.

Excel boasts over a billion active licenses. Thanks to its unparalleled power and flexibility, it is the world's most ubiquitous business app. Its widespread adoption is largely due to its ease of use—virtually anyone can tweak and adapt it to meet evolving business requirements on the fly.

However, Excel's weakness is its lack of scalability and governability. Solutions present significant challenges past one or two users. Despite this, its prevalence persists across all sectors, underscoring the demand for a nimble and powerful tool with a low cost of engineering.

Acknowledging this gap, our role becomes clear. We enhance your Excel solutions by integrating essential features for scalability, including connectivity, governance, and automation. Our services transform Excel from a simple spreadsheet tool into a comprehensive, enterprise-ready platform. With additions such as user authentication, data extraction and warehousing, cloud integration, and the deployment of modern web technologies through auto-updating add-ins, we ensure your Excel applications are not just viable but thrive in an enterprise environment.

By doing so, we maintain Excel's inherent advantages—its power, flexibility, and familiarity—while elevating its functionality to meet the demands of today's businesses. This approach makes Excel an even more indispensable tool, capable of supporting complex, multi-user enterprise environments without losing its DIY essence.

Not all solutions require all such components. Simplest at the top:

  • Sustainably architected workbook data relationships
  • Professionally developed formulas
  • Beautifully designed worksheets
  • Custom ribbon buttons
  • Automatic updates
  • Modern web and .NET technologies
  • Natively embedded custom side-panels
  • Two-way integrations with external sources
  • Office app, web app, and web browser automation

By converting Excel into the front-end (just like a web browser).

NOTE: This level of transformation may be excessive for modest business needs.

Separation and Warehousing: Extracting data from Excel and securely storing it in cloud apps, databases, or other customer-owned services -- away from the local environment.

Prevent File Saving: Data separation means Excel is simply your window to the latest information (the front-end), bypassing the need for manual saves and version management—every interaction within Excel is live, current, and reflects a single source of truth.

Concurrent File Editing: Multiple users can use the same Excel file simultaneously.

Cloud Connectivity: Linking Excel with cloud services for real-time data sync and collaboration.

Custom Add-Ins: Enhance functionality of in-workbook workflows with modern web technologies embedded directly into a native Excel side-panel.

User Authentication: Upon opening designated Excel files, users are identified and role-based access permissions are restricted.

Governance Controls: Embed specific protocols to facilitate auditing, and to ensure data integrity and process adherence.

Updates: Ensuring the Excel tool is always up-to-date with the latest security features and compliance standards.

Team morale. ROI.

Venturing into custom software development derails your team from their primary roles and projects are often viewed through a narrow lens, missing broader implications. Stretching resources thin risks long-term "almost done" scenarios.

Bringing in an experienced consultancy cuts through the complexity and delivers:

  • Solutions designed with a comprehensive understanding of your business.
  • Dedicated, focused human capital.
  • Timely, complete solutions, sidestepping the perpetual "work-in-progress" trap.
  • Continuity which persists throughout internal changes.

We charge "time and materials" only.

Our smallest bespoke solutions cost ~$5k; the largest cost $200k+, and median projects cost near $35k.

Yes, that's the whole idea. All apps can and should "talk" to each other.

Our bespoke solutions commonly employ two-way integrations with internal customer databases, SalesForce, QBO,, DocuSign, and many others.