Trust your documents like never before with content hyper-automation.

Govern content in Microsoft apps.
Pull content from any app.

92% fewer tasks
5x ROI, Guaranteed
Reduce manual tasks by 92% and ensure risk-free quality governance.
Value-based pricing guarantees that you save 5 dollars for every dollar spent.
Plays well with Excel and other 3rd party apps/databases. Deploy in the cloud or locally.
No new apps, steep learning curves, or tedious migrations. Launch in days and iterate in minutes.
Excel as a scalable configuration environment. Docmo as a scalable engine - cloud or local. Tag-Action framework implements in days, iterates in minues. Memorialize business logic for guaranteed quality and reduced training risk. No new apps. Incredibly simple. Our proprietary Tag-Action framework can be launched in is incr is easy to iterate and easy to explain. deploy as local Excel addin or cloud service.
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Yes, that's the whole idea. All apps can and should "talk" to each other.

Our bespoke solutions commonly employ two-way integrations with internal customer databases, SalesForce, QBO,, DocuSign, and many others.

The Situation

Engineers use domain expertise to craft documents and reports. They predominantly choose Excel to prepare content.

The Impact

Homegrown Excel strategies, although potent, are not inherently scalable and are mired in disorder. They lack connectivity, efficiency, and critical governance. The aftermath? Countless hours lost in rework, dwindling morale, and rising frustration.

And when venturing beyond Excel, the majority of software adoptions in 2022 led to high regret, exacerbated by prolonged adoption periods.

The Solution

With Docmo, homegrown Excel solutions transcend into governable applets – with connected content and managed permissions. New requirements are reduced to a button click.

Domain expertise is memorialized into reusable assets. Mental focus can – at last – return to high-value strategic work. Docmo is an intelligent content-producing engine which runs locally or as a web service. It upgrades Excel files into executable, intelligent configurations which your engineers can manage just like normal. It’s one, unified system which automates and governs content production in any Microsoft app: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, PDF.


“Docmo has really increased how quickly we can get quotes out. And on top of that, we know they're correct. We love it!”

Nancy Tran, Director of Sales Nemko USA San Diego, CA

“Having worked with Lee and the Docmo team for several years, I can easily say that their knowledge and abilities with Excel and process improvement are outmatched by no one. Our day-to-day operations have been simplified by everything that Docmo has provided us.

The support we have received is expeditious and fun. I truly enjoy working with the Docmo team. I can't thank them enough for all they do. I whole-heartedly recommend Docmo. I consider Lee more than a vendor. He is a partner in our success and a friend.”

Sarah Zufelt, CFO Harley-Davidson Tulsa, OK

“A real game-changer. Now, our Geochemists can do actual interpretation. They didn’t earn PhDs to manipulate and format data all day. And it’s nice to know that iterating the build is simple.

Nathan Drapela, Specialist Geosciences Data Consultant” Shell Houston, TX

“The test report generator has been an integral part of our testing and reporting workflow for years now. It makes it easy to collect data from multiple devices and distills it into very long but consistently formatted test reports, saving us countless hours of focus. Docmo built a reliable solution for our exact needs when no one else could!”

Darun Chum, EMI/Regulatory Senior Engineer Dell Hopkinton, MA

“Alonti Catering's accounts payable process was burdened by manually reconciling diverse data sets. As sales grew and invoices ballooned, it was clear we either needed additional personnel for accounts payable management or a technical intervention. Docmo provided an efficient technical solution, on time and on budget. The Docmo solution slashed time spent by >75%. More importantly, it freed up our accounts receivable manager, giving us the capacity to scale!”

George Pepi, Technology Manager Alonti Catering Houston, TX

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