Flow Finder

Own and audit confidently with recursive dependency mapping.

Experience clarity like never before with a bird's‑eye view of all relationships in a workbook.

In the murky waters of Data Delta 🌊, streams of information form a complex network.

Like the peregrine falcon 🦅, the fastest animal on Earth, Flow Finder apprehends data complexities with unparalleled speed delivering insights at a glance with a bird's-eye view of all relationships in the workbook. Flow Finder soars over forensic formula tracing and spreadsheet engineering with insight and efficiency.

With Flow Finder on your team, you ascend above the data labyrinth, mastering the currents of information with the precision and swiftness of the mightiest of birds.

What is Flow Finder?

Flow Finder is a Microsoft Excel add-in which transforms formula tracing and workbook engineering. It's the only tool that lets you dive into workbooks with the precision and grace of a peregrine falcon.

Flow Finder recursively maps all relationships in your Excel workbooks—both precedents and dependents—instantly and comprehensively.

Pre-release demo preview video.

Anticipated release June 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is an advanced dependency mapping tool which yields insights at a glance. It shows a bird's-eye view of all connections in an excel workbook.

Select a range of cells and press Generate Map.

Within milliseconds, you'll have an accurate and exhaustive map of all precedents and dependents of the selected range -- recursively (A depends on B which depends on C which depends on ...). Maybe something like this: (image not yet uploaded)

Comprehensive Auditing and Validation

Flow Finder excels in enabling comprehensive audits and validation of Excel workbooks. By visually mapping all dependencies, it allows finance professionals and engineers to quickly identify potential errors or inconsistencies within their data, ensuring the integrity and accuracy of their financial models and engineering calculations.

Efficient Troubleshooting and Problem Solving

For consultants and finance professionals facing errors or unexpected results in their spreadsheets, Flow Finder is indispensable. It dramatically simplifies troubleshooting by pinpointing the exact origins of data discrepancies, making it easier to resolve issues and ensure reliable outcomes.

Streamlining Collaborative Workbook Development

Flow Finder is vital for teams collaborating on intricate Excel workbooks. It provides a real-time visual map of dependencies, ensuring that all team members understand the workbook's structure and data flow. This clarity facilitates more effective communication, streamlined development, and accurate updates across the board.