Sheet Sherpa

Boost mental focus with smarter sheet switching.

End tedious tab hunting with one shortcut to rule them all.

In the expansive frontier of the Spreadsheet Sierras ⛰️, towering mountains pose relentless challenges. While some novices venture alone, true mastery becomes attainable with a Sherpa by your side. Let Sheet Sherpa be your trusted guide, ensuring your most relevant sheets and tools are immediately within reach.

What is Sheet Sherpa?

Sheet Sherpa is a Microsoft Excel add-in which transforms your workflow and focus. It remembers which sheets you've recently worked on and introduces a new keyboard shortcut for instant navigation. Simply press Ctrl+Q to instantly return to your last active sheet, revolutionizing how you traverse sheets in a workbook.

Sheet Sherpa mirrors the legendary Alt+Tab on Windows (and Cmd+Tab on MacOS), ensuring effortless adoption.

Loved by the global Excel community.

We've compiled (with permission) clips from 11 review videos made by real Sheet Sherpa users. See what they're saying and how they're using this simple but revolutionary tool!

Frequently Asked Questions

A simple but game-changing tool which helps maintain your mental flowstate by simplifying the navigation between recently active sheets.

Sheet Sherpa remembers which sheets you were recently working on.

And lets you effortlessly switch back to them, relieving mental, ocular, and mechanical effort. A small but very frequent relief.

Finance professionals, consultants, engineers, and power users who frequently work in Excel.

From the app store in Excel (yes, Excel has an app store!).

Option A: Home tab -> Add-ins -> Get Add-ins -> search "Sheet Sherpa."
Option B: File -> Get Add-ins -> search "Sheet Sherpa"
Option C: Visit the Microsoft AppSource page.

Press Ctrl+Q. That’s it.

1) Ctrl⬇️: Press and hold Ctrl (or Cmd on Macs).
2) Q⬇️⬆️: Press and release Q.
3) Ctrl⬆️: Release Ctrl; the last-active sheet will be activated!
Tip💡: Press Q (step 2) multiple times to target the second- or third-most recently active sheet.

See Microsoft's marketplace reviews and read why Sheet Sherpa is so loved by Excel users globally!

Sheet Sherpa preserves your focus -- your mental "flow state" 🧠 -- by solving the frequent and interrupting task of searching, scrolling, and clicking between worksheets.

Sheet Sherpa is estimated to save a whopping 13 full workdays of cumulative time each year😵‍💫.

Can't believe it? Do. Keep reading...

Time saved from manual navigation:

Navigating through dense Excel workbooks is an exercise in patience and precision. The complexity of a workbook and the sheer number of worksheets can cause what should be a simple switch between worksheets to take anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds. Even with a conservative average of 5 seconds per switch, the time starts to add up quickly.

Consider a power user who interacts with Excel extensively throughout the day. Such a user may need to switch between worksheets anywhere from 100 to 1000 times in a single day. Again, conservatively estimating 200 switches per day, we're already looking at a total of 2000 seconds, which is over 15 minutes per day, spent solely on navigating between worksheets.

Extrapolate this to a year, considering 240 working days, and the cumulative time saved amounts to a staggering 67 hours, or the equivalent of over 8 full workdays. That's a considerable amount of time that the Sheet Sherpa can help you reclaim, freeing you to focus on what matters – the creative and critical thought required to aptly engineer your Excel workbooks, rather than the mechanics of navigation.

Time saved from maintaining focus:

Consider the mental bandwidth required to (accurately) engineer the relationships in complex Excel files. There's a wealth of research measuring the costs of task switching, navigating interfaces, and repetitive manual operations - and the threat they pose to our delicate state of deep focus (or "flow state").

The power of the Sheet Sherpa lies in its ability to mitigate these very threats. With the Sheet Sherpa by your side (or more accurately, at your fingertips) you can literally navigate your complex Excel files with your eyes closed. This not only simplifies your tasks but more importantly, allows you to maintain and capitalize on your deep focus.

Now, let's quantify the impact. Research indicates that it takes 1 to 10 minutes to regain deep focus after an interruption. Let's conservatively assume that Sheet Sherpa prevents just 5 interruptions per day, each requiring 2 minutes to regain focus. This saves 10 minutes per day (and some frustration)!

Extrapolate this to a year, considering 240 working days, and the saving becomes substantial - 40 hours, or 5 full workdays. That's the potential time saved by maintaining your cognitive "flow state" using our add-in, leading to enhanced productivity and more efficient use of your time.

YES. Sheet Sherpa is FREE to try. Install it now! You have nothing to lose and productivity to gain!

New users are granted 15 days of free, full-featured use via our Sherpa Shindig plan. CAUTION: Our findings show that most users can't stop and get addicted to the Shindig🌶️.

We're always improving Sheet Sherpa (and all our add-ins). Paying customers get all new features as they're released. Our product team is currently working on the following features: favorite sheets list, first and last sheet shortcuts, pop-out and always-show panel, zoom controls, dark and light mode, and more.

If you're using Microsoft Office 365, you're good as gold. Any Excel version 2018 and later is required.

YES. The add-in is designed from the ground-up prioritizing data safety. Sheet Sherpa tracks recently active sheet names. Nothing inside your workbooks. Microsoft handles all the account-based authentication details. Sheet Sherpa does not store or share your data externally.

Please reach out to our support team (no bots) via email directly. Email address is listed below in the footer of this website.